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We service all types of tyres, including the new "run flat" system, and tyres filled with nitrogen for a longer service life. In addition, we have at our curtomer´s disposal the latest generation on tyres, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or, if you prefer, all brands of value oriented tyres.

A firm contact with the road  is essential to ensure safety and your shock absorbers and suspension play a crucial role in maintaining proper control of your car or truck. In Andres Zamora e Hijos we make sure that your vehicle drives about under the best of conditions.

We mantain in perfect condition your vehicle engine with our periodic inspections that include oil changes. An yes, we care for our environment complying with the lattest EU Directives about recycling and disposal.

(RWI. Road Worthy Inspection)

We inspect your vehicle prior to the mandatory RWI detecting critical failed items that would cause your car be refused during inspecction. We will suggest actions or, if you prefer, we will undertake repairs to make sure your car is road worthy. Wheel Alignment, filters or batteries are just some of the items which will checked with the only purpose that your vehicle is in the best conditions.

Tyre alignment to avoid pulling and for proper tyre wear. Alignment to optimize your tyres service life.

Safety is the most important aspect of driving. One of the vital points of your vehicle in this area are the brakes. We are specialists in keeping them always in perfect operating conditions.

In a environment worried society, we take care for you that your vehicle helps keeping our planet safe and that complies with emissions regulations.

Continuous training of our staff and the most modern machinery allows us to analyze, verify and detect all types of faults in any vehicle brand. So we are a well-trained and equipped, and this allows us to solve any mechanical breakdown, electrical, electronics or air conditioning in your vehicle.





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